Thonburi University, previously called Thonburi College of Technology, was opened in 1998 as a memorial to Ajarn Supachai Yamchuti, the founder of Mubankru Technological College. Mubankru Technological College was established in 1969 to provide Diploma level Vocational Education programs (Por-Wor-Sor). It is located on the same street as Thonburi University. Within a short period of time, Mubankru School of Technology became well known as a high quality educational institution. Ajarn Supachai Yamchuti could see the importance of extending the educational branches of Mubankru. It wasn’t long before a Mubankru college was established in Lampun province in the northern part of Thailand. Ajarn Supachai also had a goal of establishing a foundation for higher education. With this in mind, Thonburi University was created with the main objective of providing high quality educational degree programs to its graduates that would equip them for life and work in the real world. Now the University has Bachelor’s Degree Programs as well as Master’s Degree Programs. The organisational structure, administrative systems and quality assurance of Thonburi University and Mubankru School are jointly co-ordinated.

The Bachelor’s Degree Programs include electrical, mechanical, industrial, business administration, business computing, information technology, management and accounting courses. The dream of the founder of Thonburi College of Technology was realized when the college was given the status of a full University on January 16 , 2007. The Univiersity offers Masters degree programs in Business Administration (MBA).

Mission and Vision


Thonburi University's mission is to impart higher educational programs that are widely recognized as being of the highest quality. Its vision is:
• to equip its students with the most modern and up-to-date scientific and technical knowledge
• to develop a foundation of good moral character in all its learners
• to always be mindful and respectful of our culture and traditions and to develop in all learners a strong social conscience

The Cultural Center

The Cultural Center House is located across from the new building and near the library. The house is constructed in the traditional Thai architectural style. Alongside the Cultural Center is an open temple where the statue of Pra Chao Taksin MahaRacha and the shrine of Lord Buddha are embedded so that the students, university staff, instructors and visitors can offer prayers at their convenience. In front of the house is a small stream set within a beautiful lawn. This peaceful place is also used for cultural activities such as Songkran Festival and Loy KraThong Festival.


Sriwattana Institute of International Business and Tectnology


Northern Technology Mubankru Lamphun

Contact Us

Thonburi University 248 Phetkasem 110 Nongkhaengphlu, Nongkhaem District, Bangkok 10160 Thailand.

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