Organizers & Editorial Board

Based on their awareness of a university's research mission to develop new body of knowledge and learning innovation for society in both basic and applied research level, seven higher educational institutions including North Bangkok University, Thonburi University, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi University, Southeast Bangkok College, Rajapruk University, The Far Eastern University and Lampang Inter-Tech College have formed an academic cooperation network known as "Benjamitra Network" on February 5, 2011. The network members aim to join hands to develop teaching and learning, student, teacher and researcher capacities, research work and research publication. This form of academic cooperation will allow the exchange of knowledge and research experience in various contexts. In addition, Benjamitra network plans to link up with other academic networks in the future.
Realizing these important matters, Benjamitra Network organizes "The 8th Benjamitra National and International Conference" on May 30, 2018, having Thonburi University as the host institution.



Main Organizers

          The Far Eastern University, Thailand  ( Download : Detail about The Far Eastern University )

          North Bangkok University, Thailand   ( Download : Detail about North Bangkok University ) 

          Thonburi  University, Thailand  ( Download: Detail about Thonburi University )  

          Rajapruk University, Thailand ( Download: Detail about Rajapruk University ) 

          Bangkok Suvarnabhumi University, Thailand ( Download: Detail about Bangkok Suvarnabhumi University )

          Southeast Bangkok College, Thailand ( Download: Detail about Southeast Bangkok College )

          Lampang Inter-Tech College, Thailand ( Download: Detail about Lampang Inter-Tech College ) 

Editorial Board of the Conference Proceedings

1) Assoc. Prof. Somsak Kongtieng, Ph.D.   North Bangkok University, Thailand
2) Arunee Sumpaothong, Ph.D.  Rajapruk University, Thailand
3) Asst. Prof. Wallaya Chupradist, Ph.D. Southeast Bangkok College, Thailand
4) Asst. Prof. Chakkraphan Ponnimit, Ph.D.  Lampang Inter-Tech College, Thailand
5) Urairat Yamchuti, Ph.D.  Thonburi University, Thailand
6) Nithat Boonpaisarnsatit, Ph.D.  The Far Eastern University, Thailand
7) Sarun Nakthanom, Ph.D. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi University, Thailand
8)Prof. Luiz Antor Titton, Ph.D. Universidadé de Sao Paula, Brazil
9) Prof. David Crookball, Ph.D.  Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
10) Vinod Dumblekar, Ph.D. Mantis Discovery ID Learning, India

Thonburi University


Thonburi University's mission is to impart higher educational programs that are widely recognized as being of the highest quality. Its vision is:
• to equip its students with the most modern and up-to-date scientific and technical knowledge
• to develop a foundation of good moral character in all its learners
• to always be mindful and respectful of our culture and traditions and to develop in all learners a strong social conscience

The Far Eastern University


The Far Eastern University aims to arm its students with the knowledge and abilities needed to compete in the globalizing world. The Far Eastern University also puts its utmost effort in training its students in the most cutting edge technology while also equipping them with international business skills and a spirit of entrepreneurship. The Far Eastern University has set its ambition to provide its graduates with a competitive advantage in their personal and professional lives by instilling morals, ethics, and an international awareness of being Thai in our globalized world.

North Bangkok University


North Bangkok University is a leading private university, located in Bangkok Metropolitan, the capital city of thailand. With more than 30 years of successful experience in establishing top ranked vocational school and the very first renowned computer and language school in Thailand, North Bangkok University has been enriched with academic excellence and significant oarnerships.
Our University focuses on high quality education integrated with Information Technology and international languages as we foresee the importance of globalization, and technology. By incorporating active learning technique, students at North Bangkok University are encouraged to participate efficiently. Currently, North Bangkok University offers Doctoral degree program. Master degree program and also Bachelor degree program in various majors.

Rajapruk University


Rajapruk University is a private higher education institution located in Nonthaburi province. The university was founded as a college on 20 April, 2006 on the great resolve of Dr. Kamol and Dr Wipawan Choosup, with the noble aim of pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity and academic excellence in redefining tertiary education. To fulfill the aspiration of the founder, and our unique administration has shown how a broad-based education conducted in small class sizes using interactive teaching methods by involving a variety of both class room and extracurricular activities, can help produce graduates well-prepared for the demands of the real world. These emotionally mature, ethically sound, creative entrepreneurial leaders are better equipped for the knowledge-based economy of today.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi University


Bangkok Suvarnabhumi University is a tertiary education institution catering to the needs of society to develop moral and quality human resource that possess positive attitude towards the environment and humankind. In particular is the Thai society and as the country. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi University determines to excel in all three areas of thinking development (wisdom and morality), academic (professional knowledge), and livelihood (as a path to happiness). We are hopeful that our graduates will eventually become perfect humans in terms of quality of life.
With determination to providing good quality education as a driver to economic development, management of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi University resolved to establish the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi College on 22nd February 2006 in Lat Krabang district, Bangkok.

Southeast Bangkok College


Our target is “Fully explore the potential of students, focusing on cultivating talents of the times ”. We are a higher-education school to train our students in theory and practical operation for good ability. We focus on training our students’ Creative thinking and innovative ideas. Our students can adjust themselves to adapt to the changing society and do their job confidently. And Southeast Bangkok College moves with the times and puts forward innovative college slogan of establishing innovative campus environment, innovative teaching courses and ways, cultivating students’ innovative thinking and rewarding students for innovation, “Southeast Bangkok College, Creative College ” !

Lampang Inter-Tech College


Lampang Intertech College (LIT) was established in 2004 under the commitment to train professionals at the degree level. LIT has since provided the society with qualified workforce from strong generations of graduates. The college is small in scale, but large in graduates’ employment rate. Attention is well given to individual student.
LIT is currently offering undergraduate degree courses including Accountancy, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Tourism and Industrial Technology. In 2013, LIT has added Master Degree program courses in Business Administration led by qualified lecturers and leading professionals in the field. In accordance to serve the community with knowledge and professionalism in the age of AEC, LIT also offers a Bachelor Degree in International Business in English to provide learners with opportunity to acquire English language skills. LIT opens opportunity for students who are interested in seeking experience overseas with partner colleges and Universities in PR China.

North-Chiang Mai University


The University also aims at preparing graduates to meet the challenges of the workplace, society and the growing global economy both in the governmental and private sectors. Graduates of North-Chiang Mai University will be prepared to face these challenges, and will be adequately equipped with skills in technology, communication, problem-solving, leadership, and entrepreneurial ship. In addition, they will be able to act and think creatively, critically and most importantly, morally and ethically.

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