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Call for papers

ISAGA2018 Call for Papers

2nd Announcement

Theme: Active Learning and Neo-Simulation & Gaming: Sharing Wisdom

Date: 9th–13th (Monday-Friday) July 2018

Venue: Faculty of Fine Arts, Mahidol University, Salaya Campus, Nakorn Pathom, Thailand

1. Purpose

          Learning in the 21st Century is an active process in which student-centered, self-directed, personalized and peer to peer approaches are critical to the future of education. Nowadays, students of all ages are eager to be engaged in the learning process. The traditional models of knowledge transfer from an expert teacher to a student in a formal classroom environment have been replaced by technology support.

          The theme of ISAGA 2018 is “Active Learning and Neo-Simulation & Gaming: Sharing Wisdom” and its aim is to bring together a multi-disciplinary gathering of practitioners and researchers from public and private sectors to share their experiences and insights into the role and projected future of the latest simulation and gaming applications applied to the domain of learning and development. ISAGA 2018 itself will employ neo-simulation and gaming within the conference as a practical and engaging experience that aims to provide a lasting learning legacy for all its participants.

2. Areas of Interest

Any areas related to simulation and gaming. See examples below:

a. Design of S/G (Simulation & Gaming) in board games, card games, and other formats and approaches
b. Facilitation & Debriefing of S/G
c. S/G to test and develop theories in social science and variety of domains and applications
d. S/G for practical design of environmental, social, industrial, and political projects and applications
e. S/G for crisis management, risk management, and natural disaster management
f. S/G applications in language, communication, science, history, business management, logistics, supply chain, and other disciplines
g. S/G in active learning, experiential learning, skill development, and learning outcomes
h. Applications of S/G in computer-assisted, internet-based, AI-based, and other cutting-edge technological platforms
i. Experiences in using S/G in South East Asia

3. Types of Contribution

a) Full Paper
b) Thematic Session
c) Workshop
d) Poster

4. Publications

1) Abstract & Program Book: All Contributions (Paper, Thematic, Workshop, and Poster) must be submitted as abstracts on a one A4 page (one A4 page is preferred but two pages are maximum) for first screening in the conference before 31 December 2017. All accepted abstracts will be included in the isaga2018 program book.
2) Conference Proceedings (pre-proceedings): If presenters wish to publish their full papers in the conference proceedings (pre-proceedings) of ISAGA2018, they have to submit their full papers manuscripts (8 pages maximum). All full papers must conform to the Springer format as described in the link below:
The papers will be subjected to two blind reviewers, and the evaluation results will be sent to all presenters. All accepted full papers will be published in the ISAGA2018 Conference Proceeding.
3) Book by Springer: All accepted full papers that are published in ISAGA2018 Conference Proceedings will be considered for publication in the Post-Proceedings, a book published by Springer. The presenters may need to correct or rewrite their papers according to the review results and send their revised papers to the conference before 30 September 2018. The editors will select high quality papers for publication. See process of submission below.

5. Submission Process

Note: Any submissions Rejected by screening can shift to Poster following advices of reviewers.

6. Important Dates

Activities Date

  1. Submission abstract on one A4 page

31 December 2017

  2. Notice of evaluation results of abstract

10 January 2018

  3. Submission of full paper (not more than 8 pages) in Springer format

15 April 2018
Extending to April 20 2018

 4. Notice of evaluation results of full paper

 30 April 2018 

 5. Submission of full paper in camera-ready format

 31 May 2018

 6. Conference

 9-13 July 2018

 7. Notice of post-proceedings evaluation results

 30 July 2018

 8. Submission of post proceedings paper with revision

 30 September 2018

 9. Publication by Springer


Poster sessions

Activities Date

  1. Online submission portal opens

 01 November 2017

  2. Deadline for submitting extended abstracts

 31 December 2017

  3. Notification of Abstract Decision

 10 January 2018

 4. Deadline for submitting full papers

 1 May 2018

 5. Feedback of papers from reviewers

 15 May 2018

 6. Deadline for submitting Camera-ready papers

 31 May 2018

7. Registration Fees

Participants must pay fees via our websites as follows. http://www.isaga2018.com/


 Early Bird
Before 31 March 2018

From 1 April 2018 to
31 May 2018




 € 290

 € 340

 € 450



 € 350

 € 400

 € 500


 ISAGA, LOCALSAGAs Student Members

 € 110

 € 130

 € 250


 Non-Members Student

 € 200

 € 250

 € 350


 Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam (CLMV countries)

 € 110

 € 130

 € 230


 Accompanying person

 € 230

 € 250

 € 350

* Items 3 & 4 Student ID card is needed.

** ISAGA 2018 applicants who participated in ISAGA 2017, SimCongress 2017, JASAG 2017 Spring, JASAG 2017 Autumn or NASAGA 2017, ABSEL2018 conferences can enjoy a 5% discount from all fees listed above. In this case, they must present a copy of certificate of attendance and fee receipts of those conferences at the ISAGA2018 conference counter. The discount will then be paid to the applicant in cash in Nakorn Pathom, Thailand.

Please complete the form here to let us know of your travel and other plans for ISAGA2018, so that we can make adequate preparations for your arrival and stay during the period.

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